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Recorded June 2013


Siri drop a fat beat
I…. I… I don’t… I…
drop a fat beat
drop a fat beat
(Oh yes! Yes!)
drop a fat beat

Lock’em up in that carbonite
Keep’em down day and night
My Star Wars dominatrix
Keep’em out on flight patrol
Keep it all flyin’ through the dark cold
Empty vastness of space

The force of Endor stalkin’
Got a big AT-AT and I”m walkin’
Flyin’ on my flyer cycles
I keep the Ewoks walkin’ on the night yo
And this is how it’s startin’
I’m in the forest and I’m gonna light somethin’ up
With my light saber you you think I gotta a life saver
‘Cause I’m gonna drop a tree on your angry neighbor

Lockin’ down these shields tearin’ out your control room
Here I am, Like when things go BOOM
Got the riders and the thought patrol
Your Empire tryin’ to stop my but they can’t make me grow cold
Got signals throughout the multiverse
Tried to light the big bang and then it got worse
That’s right

Know ya’ princess or your sister or your daughter don’t matta
I see you got a big cape and you got a bad hatta but
I can bring it all down in the middle of the senate
(in and out of the Sith)
Let me step up into the cloud bank
Give me just a few more minutes ‘cause I’m goan
Take this Star Wars rap rhymes out of this universe
(take the Star Wars Rap)
(Into the universe)

So an M.C. a long long time ago
(In a galaxy)
Far far away
(In a galaxy)
And if I had object to you
I would blow you away
You know my band, they keepin’ down the rhythm
And I know that you hear it tonight
I’m flyin’ through space on a… something
(It’s a trap!)
(It’s a trap!)
(It’s a trap!)
You can’t repel rhymes of this magnitude
It’s a trap
(It’s a trap!)
It’s a trap
(It’s a trap!)
It’s a Star Wars rap
Of this magnitude

The Empire
Is unpleased
With your lack of

You say you need more men
This is all you get
You better complete the Death Star
On time

Oh frog voice
Is not as forgiving as I am

Before he comes on board
Better dust every nook and cranny

You can’t step through this b-boy in your PVC suit
Where did you learn how to aim ‘cause I see your blaster
And I know that you can’t even shoot
Straight if that is your orientation
You fall down every crevice in your space station
Is there, OSHA safety patrol to your safety patrol
(safety patrol)
It’s like you got procedures that you don’t even know
You let me in even with this out of date control code

I fly my X-Wing yeah this is startin’
I’m gonna launch a torpedo at somethin’
I don’t need a computer to tell me
‘Cause I got the Force
And I’m gonna sell you… somethin’

It’s as big as a womprat
I’m talkin’ ‘bout your momma ‘cause you know that she’s so fat
Like two meters wide
It’s funny how they use imperial units
The metric system’s way older than you think it is

(From a galaxy far, far away)
What I’m tryin’ to say is
Star Wars is in Europe
Star Wars is in Europe
Star Wars is in Europe
(Star Wars is in Europe)
With the European Space Agency

Moisture farmers
Out in the salt flats
Watchin’ out for those sand people
Springin’ traps
Don’t go out and pick those mushrooms
At sun’s rise
You will be kidnapped by the Tuscan raiders
Send that Jedi in to bein’ a hater

Yo Luke and Leia
Better watch out for Darth Vader

Look sir, droids!
They call me “Phaser” ‘cause nothin’ but stun comes out of my lips


from One Take Wonders, 21st Century Demo Part 1, released October 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Foot Pound Force Huntsville, Alabama

Foot Pound Force is a Nerd Rock band based in Huntsville Alabama.We're an alloy of Weezer and MC Front-a-lot, with 80% Geek, 15% Rock, and the remainder a mix of musical styles.We've been heat treated to a hardness of F'n Metal Rockwell

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