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So, we like waffles. You have to wear pants to get waffles. No shoes, no service. No pants and you get thrown out on your a**.

Performed live at DragonCon 2013.


Intro Rant:
One day I woke up
8 PM
sleepin' off a hangover
from the previous night

My old lady walked into the room
she said "I'm hungry, we gotta get some waffles"
at 8PM I said, "No time like the present"

I don't know we kind of waffles
It's hard to talk about waffles
I mean waffles don't really do anything
I mean they kind of just sit on your plate
They fill up little pockets with syrup
I know, and then butter
I like to cut mine into little triangles
and then eat them up
one triangle at a time

I once had a pair of bugle boy pants
and I wore them into a gas station
and this story has nothing to do with waffles
but the lady at the gas station said,
"By any chance are those bugle boy pants you're wearing?"
and I said
"Why yes they are"
And that's the real story of this song

(Because) you have to wear pants
to get waffles
You gotta wear pants
to get waffles
they said no shoes, no service
but if you don't wear pants
you'll get thrown out on your ass

Waffles don't really do much
They just sit and soak up syrup
When you gotta start your day
and you don't know quite how
gotta get a waffle
get a waffle right now

However you eat em
who ever you am
syrup and butter
or strawberry jam
Whenever you want em
wherever you go
really high class
or really low
only one rule
you have to pass
if you want a waffle
gotta cover your ass


Oh My pants
Are bugle boy slacks
I wear my khakis
And tilt my baseball cap back

I wear shoes
whereever I go
when I gotta get my waffle right
can't be barefoot on the floor

But . . .
if you have a waffle iron
and some batter in a bowl
You ain't got a wear a thihg
even pants are optional

I can make waffles
with my pants on the floor
I can make waffles
with my pants on the door
I can make waffles
any time of day
I can make waffles
dressed any old way
I can make waffles
dressed like clown
I take my waffle iron
anywhere in town
I got a waffle iron


Well the heavy handed moral
Of my didactic waffle song
Is that the clothes don't make the man
But no clothes can make him wrong

If you can't wear shoes
and you on't wear shirts
at least pull your on pants
unless you wanna get hurt

Cause I hate low riders
I hate low riders
I hate low riders
I hate low riders


from We Live! 2013, released August 28, 2014


all rights reserved



Foot Pound Force Huntsville, Alabama

Foot Pound Force is a Nerd Rock band based in Huntsville Alabama.We're an alloy of Weezer and MC Front-a-lot, with 80% Geek, 15% Rock, and the remainder a mix of musical styles.We've been heat treated to a hardness of F'n Metal Rockwell

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